– Range of Cold In-Place Recycling (CIR) Treatments
– Foamed Asphalt Recycling
– Paver Laid
– Forward Moving, Single Pass Train
– Superior Performance
– Environmentally Sustainable
– Recycles and Improves Existing Materials
– Lower Cost Solution

Technically high performing and pavement improvements with Pavement Recyclers superior performance and design.

Superior Performance 

  • Technically high performing and pavement improvements are based on geotechnical engineering principles
  • Quality supported by recent Austroads research projects TT2046 and TT1825
  • 3 times less rutting and slower rate of deformation than conventional asphalt pavements
  • Outstanding resilience to high pavement temperatures up to 60⁰C
  • Strength modulus in the field continues to increase over time and field results shown to outperform laboratory results and design life expectations
Paver laid foamed asphalt recycled material, single pass of construction train, unparralleled production rates and so much more.

Value for Money

  • Paver laid foamed asphalt recycled material
  • Single pass of construction train
  • Forward moving without reversing
  • Controlled levels with 80% initial compaction
  • Variable recycling widths of 3.2m, 3.5m and 3.8m in addition to paving widths up to 5m
  • Unparalleled production rates
  • Low cost solution with considerable savings (up to 30-50% compared with conventional asphalt)
  • Allows funds to be spread more effectively
  • Operations assisted by Trimble Universal Total Station (UTS) technology for accurate and automatic level control
New and improved pavement is made by reusing 100% of the existing pavement, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, able to be recyled - so many long term benefits.

Environmental Sustainability

  • Quantitative studies undertaken to measure environmental benefits
  • New and improved pavement is made by reusing 100% of the existing pavement
  • Stops the waste of valuable construction materials going to landfill by over 80%
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions by over 50%
  • Prevents hundreds of heavy truck movements on local roads
  • Able to be recycled again, leading to longer term benefits

Specialises in providing sustainable road rehabilitation solutions.

Pavement Recyclers are making road maintenance more sustainable.

Pavement Recyclers specialises in providing sustainable road rehabilitation solutions through a completely new and innovative process of recycling and improving 100% of the existing road materials. Pavement Recyclers are committed to assisting our clients make the most of valuable existing resources, prevent the disposal of material to landfill, and reducing the carbon footprint when carrying out improvements to the road network.

Supported by its parent company and the 100% Australian-owned, leader and industry innovator in pavement rehabilitation since 1984 – Stabilised Pavements of Australia – Pavement Recyclers offers solutions that are based on extensive engineering expertise, in-depth pavement designs and applications, technology and systems that ensure the highest standards of quality, occupational health, safety and environmental management.

construction equipment
Pavement Recycling construction equipment

Innovative Pavement Recycling Technology!

Driven by purpose-built machinery recently imported to Australia, Pavement Recyclers reuses 100% of the existing road material to deliver Foamed Asphalt pavements. Recycling using Foamed Asphalt is a huge advancement on current conventions, and involves insitu pavement rejuvenation to improve the engineering properties of the existing material combined with single-pass, paver-laid technology.

Less Expensive than Traditional Methods!

The forward-moving construction train delivers unparalleled production rates and technically high performing pavements provided with best value for money and environmental benefits.

Innovative, fast, cost effective and environmentally sustainable.

Recent Pavement Recycling Projects

Pavement Recyclers welcomes opportunities to help you achieve sustainable, customised and best value for money road rehabilitation solutions through recycling road pavements.

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